Equipped with RF tube and CO2 laser tube, More Cost-Effective

30W RF Laser Tube For Engraving, Higher precision Smaller laser spot size, it can engrave ultra-fine details .Longer life ,it can be used for about 10-12 years.The engraving effect is non-scorched and non-black. Higher power CO2 Laser Tube for cutting, More cost-effective Optional 40-100W CO2 laser tube, capable of cutting thicker materials,cheaper than the RF tube.Using Yongli laser tube, its photoelectric conversion efficiency is high, the laser output power density is high, the beam is concentrated, and the spot is uniform. The engraving/cutting speed is fast and the engraving line is deep and narrow with high resolution and clear characters. The work life of laser tube is long and the fault rate is low.

Products Details

Laser - Type Sealed CO2 laser tube
Laser power 60W 80W(optional)
Cutting Area 900mm x 600mm
Whole Machine Size 1360* 1010* 1070mm
Cutting Speed ±0.05mm
Resetting Positioning Accuracy AC 110 -220V±10%, 50-60Hz
Working Voltage <1000W
Gross Power 5-95%
Operating Temperature 0-45℃
Operating Humidity Free of condensed water
Wood, organic glass, plastic, garments, paper, leather, rubber, and other nonmetal materials.

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